The Health Relief and Development Organisation is a non-governmental Organisation based in Rwanda.


HRDO Specific objectives.

  • To promote good health through mind set changes and life style management.
  • ┬áPromote agriculture through horticulture through fruits and vegetable growth, in line with nutrition needs of each individual which in turn act as an Environment protection strategy and nature promotion
  • Promote nutrition and dietetics in our society in order to achieve good health status.
  • Fight malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies to children, adults and elderly.
  • Good health practice awareness programs through health education, counselling to the community to prevent diseases and ailments.
  • Gather vulnerable women and men in the community and train them good cooking
    practices in line with Nutrition and dietetics to achieve good nutrition status.
  • To fight chronic diseases through healthy Nutrition habits, exploit the role of physical exercises in disease prevention.
  • Eradicate poverty through youth empowerment for economic transformation.